Reliable Roofing. Sensational Siding. Even Better Prices.

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Reliable Roofing. Sensational Siding. Even Better Prices.

Your go-to pros for roof repair, roof installation, siding repair, or siding installation.

Quick Fix at a Fair Price

We know there’s no time to spare when your roof or siding is damaged or facing wear and tear. We’ve got your back with fast repairs and installations that are reliable and affordable. When your home or business needs help the most—you won’t have to worry.

We serve northern, central and south Jersey. We are bilingual.

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    For over 15 years, New Group Roofing Siding LLC has served New Jerseyans with exceptional roofing and siding services and even better customer care.

    Our professionally trained and vetted roofers and siders have the experience and industry knowledge to perform safe, reliable, and efficient services that meet any client’s specific requirements.

    We’re dedicated to helping your home or business put its best foot forward by elevating protection, safety, and curb appeal.

    From roofing services, snow removal to gutter services, our team offers it all. Reach out to us now to take advantage of our home remodeling services in northern, central and south NJ.


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    I have had great experiences with New Group Roofing!

    Carlos is very courteous and professional, and extremely reliable! He has fixed a few issues on my roof and chimney and made sure to explain his work accurately with photos to back it up. It is evident he takes pride in his work, and will be sure to come back right away if any problem has not been rectified! I have referred Carlos to several friends and family members and they are beyond pleased. I am happy to have a roofer that I can count on!


    - Natalie Pepe


    Charly and New Group have been my go to siding and roofing guys for years.

    They do exceptional work, make good recommendations, work quickly and price reasonably! What more do you want?


    - Rich Baker


    They have been cleaning my gutters on my property for 2+ years.

    Always a thorough, clean and meticulous job. And we have gutter guards and dozen trees on the property. I will recommend them for any type of roofing work.


    -Paddy PPR



    Why choose us

    New Group Roofing Siding LLC believes in using high-quality materials, business workmanship, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. No other roofing company cares for your home like New Group Roofing Siding LLC  , with outstanding commercial and residential service and upper-class installation procedures.


    We strive to complete the overall new project of installing a flat roof, rip-off roofs, siding, gutters, or deck as quickly as feasible. We are always on time, work like a well-oiled machine, and frequently finish installations in only a day.


    We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. We strive to overdo our customers’ expectations and leave no room for errors and no chance for deceptions.


    We only use materials of the best quality as we believe in maintaining standards in the task we agree to do. We don’t compromise on material quality. Class and quality are two attributes that matter to us.

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